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In these tough economic times, everyone is cutting back. Does this mean that you cannot surround yourself with the items that make you happy? Absolutely not! We at Wolfe Street Bargain Center think that a tight economy is a beautiful thing. It helps people make smart choices. To make the smart choice and still enjoy some retail therapy, visit us this weekend! Thrift store shopping is like treasure hunting. You never know what someone has decided to donate. It could be an old fashioned vase like your Grandmother once had. It could be a dress that reminds you of your college days. It could be the perfect power suit that will help you get ahead. When you visit a thrift store, you have to be ready. You should bring water, snacks, music and even friends. You could find a whole new wardrobe. You could get all your holiday shopping done in one afternoon. You could find the inspiration you have been searching for. For a great day of shopping, visit Wolfe Street Bargain Center at 1813 Right Avenue, Little Rock, AK 72202. For questions, comments or item requests email us or call us at 501-375-5747.
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